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MotorCycle Import and Export distributor in Japan

Linking you to the 130 million motorcycles sold each year.

Linking you to the 130 million motorcycles sold each year.

 In recent years motorcycle sales in Asia Pacific have exceeded 100million units. Europe and America combined, 13million units, Africa and Mideast 10million units. Our specialty is to find ways to accurately, check and transport these opportunities to you. We have buyers around the world looking for all types and sizes of motorcycles to put together in a box or container for you.

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Sakura Imports is located within the largest motorcycle transport company and the largest auction in Japan, where every week thousands of motorcycles are bought, sold, and transported.


BDS has been operating since 1983 and is the biggest motorcycle auction in the world. With accurate, detailed inspections and a fantastic auction system, BDS has built the trust of their 5000 dealers members in Japan who buy over 180,000 bikes through this auction each year. Using the same system and inspections BDS has allowed Sakura Imports to auction of a collection of motorcycles to the world. Full detailed BDS inspections will be available 1 week before the auction.

Buying is in US dollars and there is a 10% auction fee on top of the bid price. All motorcycles are on site and we can answer any questions you might have. Shipping can be arranged in crates or by container. If you do buy a motorcycle at this auction, we can find more motorcycles to help fill a container. All motorcycles will have legal Japanese documentation unless written otherwise, and we welcome feedback about what motorcycles you would like to see in our auction.

For the first auction we will only be running 1 lane, estimating each bike selling within 2min.
For bidding registrations please email Desmond Barrydes@sakuraimports.co.jp or go to Contact | SAKURA IMPORTS CO.,LTD.

How the auction is run

A run through of the motorcycles that appeared in our first auction on 16th Jan 2021 with the auction starting at 13min in. The auctions do move fast and this is what you will see on the day of the next auction, where people around the world will be bidding on these bikes live.

Company Profile

company name SAKURA IMPORTS CO.,LTD.
Representative Director and President Desmond Barry
Head office location 1-7-1 1604 Kashiwa, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0005 Japan
Inside BAS 765 Kaneyama,Kashiwa City, Chiba 270-1455 Japan
TEL +81-4-7199-9701
FAX +81-4-7130-9411
Business contents Motorcycle trader, auction agent, motorcycle import / export, world wide motorcycle logistics
Initial Capital 50 million yen
Government Permit to operate No. 441090002968